Phase 2 / Intermediate Training

  • Build your strength up without beating yourself down as always
  • Shoot past current PRs and weight levels using new exercises which will focus on stimulating parts of the muscles that have not fully been used yet.
  • Help prepare you for more the most advanced programs and training cycles in our database. 
  • Hone in your skill for the bench, squat, and deadlift

This program will give you more advanced exercises to not only build muscle faster but ensure progression within the lifting world. New exercises mean one thing more growth especially since we are working areas of the tissue that have yet to be fully utilized. Couple this tactic with our advanced and tested exercises for maximum gain in the most time efficient ways. 

This is the point where an athlete can remain permanently or decide to segway into the final phase and advanced portfolio seen used by people such as former Olympians, IFBB weight lifters, professional athletes and more.

Expected program mastery timeline: 90-120 Days 

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